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Alert: Worrying Changes to Victims Services

Updated: Apr 24, 2020

"Changes to the Victims Services scheme in NSW, which start after 5pm today (24 April 2020), will make it considerably more difficult for victims of crime to access all their entitlements," said Principal Solicitor of Western NSW Community Legal Centre, Patrick O'Callaghan.

Mr O'Callaghan added: "There has been no consultation and no warning of these changes being implemented. The government has a responsibility to make decisions that positively affect the most vulnerable people in our communities. The proposed changes fail to do that."

The changes will be especially hard on victim survivors of sexual abuse and/or domestic and family violence.

Read our open letter to government ministers highlighting our concerns. We encourage everyone in the community to either directly contact your local NSW member of Parliament or contact us on freecall 1800 655 927 or 02 6884 9422 and tell us your concerns.

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