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Can you spot a scam?

Welcome to Scams Awareness Week (7-11 November, 2022). This year Scamwatch is encouraging you to learn ways to identify scams and take the time to check whether an offer or contact is genuine before you act on it.

Scamwatch writes: "With scammers continually developing new ways to catch people out, we need to increase our vigilance in checking for those little clues that can alert us that something is a scam."

Make sure you avoid this online scam

"Scams cost Australian consumers, businesses, and the economy hundreds of millions of dollars each year and cause serious emotional harm to victims and their families.

"In 2021 Australians made more than 286,600 reports to Scamwatch and reported losses of around $324 million. By the end of August this year, Australians had lost even more with reported losses of over $381 million.

"As alarming as these numbers are, we know that around one third of people who are scammed never tell anyone, so the true numbers are probably much higher."

Scamwatch is an initiative of the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission. Click on the website to learn more.

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