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DEFINING MOMENTS: Last month our Family Law / Family Violence Solicitor, Julia Adamski travelled to Coonabarabran to take part in ACON’s LGBTI Awareness Training. ACON is an organisation that supports people of diverse sexualities and genders in the areas of community health inclusion and HIV response.

Ms Adamski said, the training was invaluable for organisations seeking to create safe and supportive environments for our LGBTI clients.

“The training highlighted the importance and the power of the language and definitions we use with our LGBTI community. We explored concepts of gender, sexuality, identity, personal experiences and our bodies.

“We also looked at what’s it like to be LGBTI in Australia and the long road ahead for true equality and the need celebrate and respect diversity.”

Western NSW Community Legal Centre is committed to ensuring a safe culture for all and responding to the needs of our community. If you would like more information about ACON you can visit their website here.

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