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Hiring for the Holidays?

Hiring new employees in preparation for the peak holiday period can add to your already busy workload. The Fair Work Ombudsman’s small business website has information and resources to help you streamline the process and get hiring right:

It includes:

  • a hiring checklist with tips to help you choose the right type of employee and an overview of rules about pay and ending employment

  • links to information about minimum workplace entitlements and your responsibilities

  • an online course to take you through the hiring process.

If you’re hiring young workers, providing them with a smooth transition into the workforce can help them positively participate in the workplace and set you apart as an employer. The Fair Work Ombudsman’s best practice guide has you covered from your legal requirements to supporting and engaging young workers:

At Western NSW Community Legal Centre we also provide free talks and workshops to young people starting their first job, and employers taking on young workers. Call us on 02 6884 9422 to book.

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